Friday, August 5, 2016

August 2016 Status Update

Hey everyone, I'm back. It's been quite a while since I did a post. The last one was about cable box encryption, but it seems no one cared to comment.

I'd like to share a couple of topics I've been waiting to write on. The first is that I've just opened a new cell phone page (as opposed to a post). One of its objectives is to offer cell tower downlink IQ files for experimentation, the idea being that doesn't offer everything and some interesting services may not be available everywhere.

For example, here in central SC I can receive what looks like 850 MHz CLR. That makes sense because some sources say it's used in rural areas (although others say it's also used in big cities). In my area Verizon and Cricket work well (both 3G), so maybe what I'm seeing is Cricket/AT&T. Cingular 2G has had poor performance until recently (described below).

Here's something odd: my 2G phone has been unpaid for many months since it's useless here. The odd part is that several weeks ago it went from poor reception to Unregistered SIM Card. Not only that, but about this time it suddenly lost the date when the battery died and hasn't been able to set it again. These incidents make me suspect that what little 2G this area had has been 'sunsetted', but maybe it's not so serious; perhaps my phone is simply out of coverage.

Another objective of that page is to decode clear 3G traffic, if possible, and publish my progress, effectively creating tutorials as I go along.

And finally, I've also released a post on making long-term waterfalls on the SDRplay which opens up a lot of possibilities.

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