Sunday, November 13, 2016

Radio sounds in music

I noticed that certain music contains sounds you'd recognize if you do SDR.

1. ItalyCable excerpt ≈ some Japanese song

On May 27, 2015 I was using a WebSDR and heard an unfamiliar time station called ItalyCable on 10 MHz. It played some really nice music so I took a recording. I saved it but forgot where and thought I had deleted it, but today I found it in a DriveImage XML hard drive backup. The recording was taken around 3 PM Eastern Daylight Time, although you should be able to pick out the UTC time if you understand Italian.

Why is this significant? Because I recently heard an obscure Japanese song that sounded quite similar (below).

(Below) Not as cool, but something to mention:

2. Intro and chorus of Kiiara's "Gold" ≈ encrypted police walkie-talkies

It's not exactly like police radio because while the speech is scrambled, the tune accompanying it makes sense. See the video:

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