Monday, February 5, 2018

Jammer on 2018 AM Rally

Last night I heard a looping recorded message jamming AM transmissions on 80 meters. It was mixed in with other QSO's, but here's what I managed to get:

"Why don't you narrow 'er up, because like narrow it up, I'll have a sideband QSO below me, one above me, and I'm the ****** in the middle."

As I said, it was looping but one contestant seemed to think it was a live person. I think it was controlled by a live person, because I remember it following the contest when it went lower in the band, but it was looping, not to mention it was the exact same tone of voice each time. The real proof came during one cycle when it started stuttering like a slow computer. Everyone else's voice was fine, so it wasn't an issue on my end.

Here's a bit I managed to record.

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