Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year 2017 Shortwave Pirate (4020 kHz)

Last night (December 31, 2016) I did a wideband recording spanning 3205 to 5205 kHz, from 11:48 PM to 12:15 AM. I was going through it this morning and noticed an upper-sideband signal that was just above the 80 meter band, on 4020 kHz. It was quite strong so I listened and it turned out to be interesting music. If it had been near the 40 meter band I would've immediately recognized it as pirate radio but since it was so low I thought it must have been a weird single-sideband broadcaster. Upon Googling the frequency, I was pleasantly surprised to find a YouTube video dated today, January 1, 2017, with that exact frequency in the title, along with the mention of it being a pirate.

Here is that video:

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