Tuesday, August 8, 2017

UTSC v1 Packet Specification

After showing the spec to Foxx, wordsun, and Corrosive, only Corrosive had a suggestion and it was to allow embedding a list of ID's in the packets to facilitate pay-per-view. In other words, broadcasters could include a list of ID's of various decoder boxes so only specific paying viewers can see a channel. This is in contrast to my current method of handling encryption like Wi-Fi, using a single password for the channel. I told him his one-key-per-viewer idea most likely wasn't feasible since the packets need to be small.

Here is a link to the document: utsc_finished_release_r1.txt


The UTSC name and specification are Copyright 2017 Designing on a Juicy Cup. The specification may be freely implemented by anyone for any purpose as long as this copyright notice is displayed in the license. The UTSC name may be used in products implementing this standard as long as attribution is made to Designing on a Juicy Cup.

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