Friday, March 11, 2016

Slovakia, Oman, and (almost) DRM

Yesterday evening I was tuning my SDRplay and heard two unfamiliar stations. One turned out to be from Slovakia and the other from Oman. According to HDSDR's S-meter, they were both S+40. Since I've never heard either country, I recorded them and uploaded the samples. I narrowed the AM filter partway through the Oman recording.

I also set up HDSDR's recording scheduler to record Radio Romania's DRM program when it comes on around 1:30 AM. Every morning I come and play it back to see if I can decode it. I use 38 kHz FM as the recording mode, centered on the signal, so I can play it back as an IQ file rather than audio. This gives me increased flexibility versus an audio file, since I can make minute changes to the tuned frequency and change things like the AM demodulator's AGC.

This morning I found I had gotten a stronger signal than usual. I was so close to being able to decode Radio Romania International's DRM program. (click to enlarge)