Monday, September 18, 2017

OpenCodecDev Discord channel

I just created a new Discord channel called OpenCodecDev, for the purpose of discussing open-source media codecs. It's public so anyone can join. We also have a voice channel.

Here's what it will look like in the Discord desktop app. I'm under Admin, and Foxx is a newcomer.

Notable features of Discord include:

  • Posting images, whether photos or pasting from PrintScreen.
  • Blog URL's become a block with an excerpt from the post
  • YouTube URL's are expanded into a player in the chat history
  • Unlimited backlog which is stored on the server. You don't miss out on messages that happened while you were logged out, unlike IRC, and no past message is ever lost.
  • The backlog is searchable.
This will be more convenient than the Google group, and it has a better GUI than IRC.