Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Purse.io review

Recently I became interested in growing grain so I decided to buy 3 types of grain seed on Amazon and try them out. Since I didn't have a credit or debit card at the time I placed the order, I used a platform called Purse.io to buy from Amazon using cryptocurrency. While most people think of Bitcoin when they hear "cryptocurrency", I actually used Bitcoin Cash (BCH) because it has lower fees.

I decided that I wanted wheat, barley, and rye seeds so I found them on Amazon and copy-pasted their URL's into Purse.io. The checkout process was quick and easy. I kept the discount slider at the lowest setting of 5% so it would be shipped immediately. Then I chose Bitcoin Cash from a drop-down menu and was given a QR code. I used the Electron Cash desktop wallet and scanned the QR code with a webcam. This populated the "address" and "amount" fields in the wallet, so all I had to do was quickly verify the info and click Send. Bitcoin Cash is designed to finalize payments in seconds and the website responded quickly once I sent the money.

It cost 98.2089 mBCH (milli-Bitcoin Cash) or 0.0982089 BCH if you don't like the mBCH unit. Bitcoin Cash was about $289 when I placed the order so the equivalent price in USD was $28.57.

I placed the order on Tuesday, October 29, 2019. Purse.io ordered the products from Amazon on Friday, November 1 and the package arrived on Tuesday, November 5.

Some people are concerned that Purse.io is a scam, so I decided to document my success.

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